The True Ruler.

there were sheep, wolves, pigs, and velvet ropes. The instructor, was often smiling with a large and antagonizing smile. He reeked of gin and an odour, that triggered the nostrils to cease to breath, he smelt of success, and achievement. His ego was large. His muscles tiny. he began to stumble – over the time of the games… He teased each category. made them maneuver to a beat of his own violin, his red and well strung piece of musical sadness. His tone was aggressive and be-lilting, his hands were tightening as the animals were slow at progressing through the maze. He began to get angry… annoyed at humanity.… He wanted more, he wanted better… he wanted perfection… As the days progressed the being’s would lose their individuality, their dignity, their balls. And each day, this pig, this ruler, would strengthen his games, intensify their work… All while he sat above and grinned with pleasure, his alcoholic lips, lick his lips

he believes in conformity, and relentlessly begins to achieve it – Throughout our society… this man is strong, and ever-so powerful, and he won’t stop… he cannot stop… this world is his for the taking. And each category of animal is for his eating, he chows souls for breakfast, hearts for lunch, and tears for dinner. He sings an awfully dark tune in the morning, that frightens each animal, he sings it without heart and only knows the horrid words, he only understands ruthlessness and betrayal… He pawns each animal, he maneuvers them to stay dedicated, and keep up the rhythm. he yells loudly when they step out-of-line… and he strengthens their mind with his destructive words. And these words grip the soul and bring it down to his level, he dines with the devil, he goes to the games with hitlers, and sparks up a cigarette with Stollen. Drinks his liquid with the Masons.


The Illusion of Thoughts.

Everyday feels warmer and brighter… each day feels anew, different, it keeps getting better than the previous day, that’s all that really matters, i tell myself. the difference creates a game-like-feel, it definitely frightens me, to be within the game of life, or possibly outside. it doesn’t change the feeling that these days are preparing me for a journey, within the higher ranks of society…. a higher position, or so the illusions tell me. I feel like an eagle amongst pigeons, or so it feels. but each day that gets better-and-better, could possibly be an illusion built upon fake beliefs, and fake memories, because each memory stems from the brain, and i have schizophrenia…. a life built upon the fakes of a mind, is unstable, and could possibly come down with a swift-blow. it’s traumatizing to think of, so i never really do any serious thinking upon that question… i live to heighten my perspective; learning, thinking. although its funny that i do so much work on my mind yet i’m very insecure about the stability of my mind… but it’s what i fell in-love with, within my life… and it is enjoyable to think that your brain could make a drastic difference within life. or be a complete failure… I’m standing on a thin line, between n reality and fiction and sometimes those two collide, illogical-logical, mindset. built around extremely crazy phobias. makes you wonder if all this is for nothing…