My perfect soul.

She the perfect match;

Im not heightening a white flag.

To blow in the breeze of our past, waring love.

invisible bombs dropping in our heads as thoughts,

Tankful actions to betray me…

May the land minds of our words,

Self destruct, may the tank lose course,

May the spiralling bombs around us, to cease.

The end of our war, belongs to future loves.

May they be more understanding, less prideful.

May the war cease, the flag to hover whilst blue jay’s pass nearby;

May the sun set whilst you’re smiling in-front of him.

May your smile stay bold and flawless,

You deserve to be content, i do know.

I love you…

To lose your massive pride,

Would mean to me, that I’m worth it too, am i?

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Drowning in a pool of yellow liquid, the sides are rising – Creating a barrier. The bubbles come from the mouth, puking out additional substance, furthering the im-prisonment. The barriers become aggressive, the hand takes me and locks me down- the key stolen, by the one that’s suppose to be there for me….

The waves are creating a superior time, riding these beautiful inconsistencies; As my emotions plummet, forever searching for “additional”. All-the-while, i think of the queen, the one that roams the nest with carefreeness, strength, beauty – Feeling as-if, a tiny bee. needing her, I drink another beer. The moments go-by, quicker, my heart releases a noise – She doesn’t appreciate. I climbed massive barriers, yet she does not care, it doesn’t occur to her that i’m trying the best i can – A tiny bee in pursuit of love.

Woman, with a Chilly Heart

My sadness descends – dangerously low… i feel like I’m headed towards a rocky death… She wants too much of me, she’ll take everything i possess and give me a cold shoulder, an angry face… she forgets the times that i’ve given much…. i’ve supported her, helped build her being… but all this is forgotten in the heat of the moment. her eyes penetrate me, i sink into depression….. I feel lifeless once the eyes hit me. I feel unsupported and betrayed. I thought she was excellent… i’m finding that she’s like the rest… an illusive conquest. Her imagery is fake, it’s see thru, like the ghosts she once fancied. she wanted little today, yet held it like it was her one dream through-out her life… her last cigarette. I fear i’ll fall, and she won’t be there to catch me, because even though her shoulders cold… it’s friendly to me. it cared when nobody else did, so i walk towards the devilish bone. But i fear there will be more sacrifices and feelings going upwards… that i’ll have to face, that’ll later haunt me, alike her presence…

Lifting the Clouds with a God

Euphoric mind, pondering what had happened today… all the good, the little bad… I’m hopeful and content with the world… as i sip my beers my happiness increases to a great level.. the world feels perfect.. feels as if everything’s going to be great, or at the least alright.. feels as if my worries are over… my past is the past… and i’m headed for the heavens, hanging out with God, pouring excellent liquor and snorting some premium drugs… our bodies lifting the clouds… lifting the clouds to to near space… we see a saucer going by, waving at the aliens… hello…

Creative: The Troops Around The Heart

My heart was wrapped within tin foil and was ever expanding, and heating with ease…. now it isn’t captive once more, it’s freshly escaped and on it’s own… the warmth is leaving, the beauty within is disappearing. It’s free to be where it wants, with who it wants… but still, it thinks of her, and the greatness it once felt under her authority. It wanders the land, with selflessness and warmth… but the warmth cannot be returned, can’t be restrained for long. i had another temptress, another great girl, that only wanted what she could take, rather than me. I’m broken and guarded once more. I wanted her within this life, she wanted temporary satisfaction and currencies to better her life… while bringing my being down quite drastically, while lifting the ego. I feel used and taken for granted once more. around my heart are troops stationed within a watch-tower surrounding the premise with strength and hostility…. never letting another around once more…. my heart beats a sweet song of all that it’s encountered… let in, and taken apart. Set on fire, and then stomped on… because my heart is a game to most, another treasure discarded in the sand, never to be held for the right reasons again.

Alcohol Encounter. Death

alcoholism is at the door, it starts pounding fiercely, and quickly… i won’t let it in, i won’t, be apart of it’s wickedness, the devil is apart, it’s becoming, intertwined, loving, caring. it supports and is proud of me, i reply… go away, you’re not welcome here anymore… it progresses… fights intensely with the bell and the door… it’s knocking more fiercely more, quickly… i go out the back, and come back with an axe, it knocks me out, breaks through my door… it tells me i’m captured, i’m one… i’m on the floor trying to get up, it kicks it’s boot within my face… i feel at ease, submitted, in it’s hands…. yet i fight, and it quickly counter attacks… it’s too powerful, i do what it says.

In an abandoned town.

Society appears calculated. Actors all-over… my ego lifts upwards, downwards. i pray for the days it remains constant. Rather than fluctuating to ridiculous declines and bumping upward – to the point where i can’t breathe, downwards to the point I’m near suicidal. I pray for the days that no-longer feel dreadful, ones where there’s sunny times, and days where it wouldn’t pour, wouldn’t hail – i see weather as an indication of my mood. And weather is forever inconsistent – I want my life back, one where i make the decisions and i’m in-control of everything, the dance is becoming repetitious.. The actors grow aggressive, the puppets unaware and brutal. All-while people tell me that my life’s great… but i doubt everything they say, because i can no-longer trust anything, everything’s changing and i feel stuck within an abandoned town. Someone aggravated the nature within and I’m the only one that can survive within, the only one who can drink the water within the wells, eat the plants, enjoy the cancerous ridden water… everyone wants to collect my pieces of my soul, for their taking… they chip at it one-by-one, accelerating my death…. as i sip on vodka, it helps reconstruct who i am, replenishes the ego, helps the day’s pass, hopefully to the point where i won’t need it, where i’m no longer stuck in this town… In this trap. God seemingly disappeared and all i see is the devil with an exceptional mask, telling me to treat everyone with respect, as they destroy every piece that was me, is me. Chiselling my character, creating a seemingly “real” one… but i doubt everything those two say, i believe that i’m alone, and I’m nourishing myself with deadly substances. And the devil’s unforgiving and angry at me. The devil has it out for me…. perhaps the cloud’s won’t disappear, and the sun won’t shine again… that’s probably the most difficult mess within my life…

Romantic turn-around

excited and happy, peaceful, I’m a bird within the clouds, feeling like, nothing can touch me, there isnt anything that can hurt me. i’m flying within my V-shape and i feel excellent. i Feel superior to the other geese, because i found something that they couldn’t find, couldn’t have – or so i think. I’ve pecked at the devil, had worms with the God’s. And met all the important geeses.
The other birds infront begin to laugh outragiously amongst their flock. while they fly, they turn ‘round, look to me with their teeth showing. The laughter cease, they begin to feel guilt… hey, Vince. You’re happy aren’t you? i have something important to tell you, hehe. it’s about that girl…..i say to myself, oh fuck…! I saw their dead eyes, their enormous aha ha’s. no, please don’t tell me anything about her, she’s loyal, kind. However…. i suspect somethings off and if i hear another dangerous thing it could be my last… my heart feels as-if it can’t withstand another heartbreak, more emotional disturbance, it’s not solid, fragile… I look above, god’s shouting at me turn from the flock son! I tell him I’m happy, I’m headed for Florida, suddenly i find myself within a deep hole, the sand starts to fall, starts to form around what i think is my grave… I look around for an exit, i see the devil appear, I have terrible news for you pecking man, your friend isnt your friend. She’s possessed – i made her. she used you as a stepping stone, a doormat. Has taken you for granted, wanted to see you in fiery pain. it then clicks… makes sense to me, the things i overlooked come rushing into my head. a red boulder falls within…. breaks my neck… I’m suffering in pain…

while she’s in florida, in a beautiful lake, with beautiful scenery, plotting her next movement. Against a sweet, unsuspecting goose, the goose is another innocent creature she wants to hurt, because just then she feels whole, feels worthy, feels important. She lures him in with her beautiful eyes and innocence, he’s naive, new to the scene, she’s older and mentally more aware, stronger… she manipulates him with ease, their relationship builds overtime, until the inevitable hits.

Aura of a God

On-top hovering above the clouds, talking with the god’s. they’re telling me that i’m doing great, that i should be happy – because my life’s “fantastic” and that i need to prepare for the good life. they’re keeping me well, keeping me from erupting and causing a scene, giving me strength, for the life of the greats. They whisper into my ear, you’re fantastic, you’re excellent… eventually the confidence they’ve given doesn’t feel all-that-special… the same divine being whispering into my ear, plenty, leaves me rather disappointed, i wish the world would tell me something desirable to my situation. making this concrete, God’s are rather illusive, so they’re high hopes, turn ‘round. i now feel like they’re stringing me along… wanting me to fail… they’re compliments turn to insults, i feel wobbly upon my pedestal, sitting upon a great’s body. that it appears they’ve given me… should i find the truth in myself? or depend on another…. seems like their ulterior motive was to get me to respect myself, so they allowed me to hangout with the god’s… give a little aura… then find my way – suddenly it all-is-in-place…. and my life doesn’t feel all-that-bad. And i’ve turned rather strong due to their admiration… suddenly it all clicks, i feel wonderful and satisfied, I find the God, but they’ve relocated and aren’t around, i still believe they’re watching so i whisper back, thank-you.