Panic attacks

Panic attacks for hours. Wish she’d rip out my heart. Igniting it, stomping it, just get it over with! Her eyes sharpen, with a flicker of light, and go through, penetrating my organ, creating a light so blissful, that im captivated and unable to think logically. Then she rips my heart out, blows the dust off then puts it back. But i want the dust, i want it out. These mixsignals are rising the panic.


Change your mind!!!:(

Puddles of sadness. Trying to jump them. Instead falling within the watery batrayel. Filthyness on the face. As i try to jump, a slip comes…. she begins to trip, i can’t jump her negativity anymore. It will suck me in. Her smell overpower’s me… drawing me in, and falling victim to the puddled sadness, she creates. As i look for a curb, my shoes are made of greese.

My life

I just want you to hold my arm, not wanting to let go, your grasp tigtening as i need to go. Heating my sheets, my head on your’s, while our vibration’s become one. I need to know, that you love me. I need to know that it’s real in someway for you. I need to know…

Escaping the Devil

The escape of life, liquid descending, liver aches – smiles. The devil in the distance follow’s, the bottle acts like a force field. The bubble can both, hurt one, and help one. Time widens as im intoxicated. My time will come sooner than expected…. misery on the tombstone. Leaf’s falling as they circle the grave, the devil’s final word’s said, in a raspy voice.

one woman to see my soul, rejecting it. as the rose loses pedals, it gave its last… I didn’t know the rosey flames would eventually burn it away, her breath of butain, her word’s igniting it. Her swipping tail, knocks me down. Her thorns hold my secrets. The redness is all i see in the window. Her devilish eyes of a predator looking for her next meal.

The witch who likes souls

As she knocks i shreik, a robo-man in the distance gazing out the window, “hovering above.” “Yes?” He move’s very drastically, quick downwards. He tells the witch to free him from his captivity. She suggest’s another potion, she has a variety of potions in her cellar… she says, you may be human once more? As i beep, as my gears rotate. I take her hand, walking toward’s her door… i hear a crow in the distance. She gives a stare, the crow pops. I try to lessen the grips of her hand. They’re too cold and sticky, and the grasp tight.