Men that grew up like concrete, became liquified.

Hard time’s hit, they were’t prepared, they were immature.

Their soul’s got black, their eyes hallow, their posture wrong.

They search, the darkness of the streets, for the future that was once promised.

They found a white rock instead, sent by the devil himself, wrapped in a future, that will never arrive.

streets take ahold, the crack pipe warmed, their eyes drip.

their lungs ache, their heart need ease, but all they see, is what they came to believe.

Within the future they see narrowly, at the end of this vision – there’s a door, key hidden out-of-sight.

The future within the rock, the door that has been locked.

One miserable time, and they soon became a slave, to what they’ve been desiring.

For their dream, their life fades, winter shall never be over.


Beauty in thinking

Thoughts lift in a gentle motion, going towards the ego, inserting with ease. The thoughts pops in multiple directions, creating a firey explosion. The ego then wraps around and takes ahold of each thought, taking it and manipulating it for benefit, creating a shield – protecting them as they shoot around the mind. They’re a team. Creating a firework display, the cloudy-ego wraps around, protecting the positivity. Perfection.

Sadness in the tunnel of the forgotten

Searching for meaning in the darkness. Everywhere i look, feels hopeless; I continue to search but there isn’t a light to be found, drips land from the eyes, but nobody hears the splash – lacking concern. Can i be found? Will they appear. Or is this an endless tunnel of once was. Old experiences, become fond memories. In doubt and continuing, my legs feel heavy, what i was once dreamt is of no-more – togetherness. Searching the piped-land. I’ve considered the white rock, if anything, it will bring me closer to God. Is that what i want? in this tunnel of once was?


She goes around warming peoples hearts, each heart, she sets afire a blaze that will last…. She creates examples of what it is to be human – to love, and be caring – they pass on her teaching’s.  
She’s the type that will sacrifice an hour of work for a 2 min reaction of happiness- she knows what its like to have nothing, yet have everything. So selfless, it shakes the greed out of the chilliest of men.

Fighting Depression

Negative thoughts scream a terrifying battle cry. Warning the positive thoughts there isn’t enough room for the both of them. The positive thoughts let off a more fierce battle cry, shaking the skull. Rippling the thoughts, The thoughts fight, for their own purpose – The healthy thoughts, fight for confidence, the negative fight for destruction – Positivity Increases in power, and begin knocking the deadliest of the thoughts, the thoughts begin circling the brain in a, stormy battle. that will kill off the lesser. The thoughts fight one-another for hours, until the positive thoughts gain leverage – beginning to gain strength, and slowly, the brain adjusts, it gains, and finds a euphoric happiness. The thoughts translate, good to bad. And this battle is won….

Waiting For My Death

The flower pedals drift within the chilling breeze, eventually turning brown… As they circle towards the ground, the leaf’s are present to remind us of the temporary beauty of the summer. What grew so strong, felt the destructiveness of the universe, the universe is unforgiving, hostile, it strengthens and wipes away, growth, beauty, happiness – The hands tick, fluctuating until the death of what we’ve learned to admire meets it’s demise – I pace as my anxiety peeks, while the inevitable searches for my youth. The chill of the winter breeze wipes away, what wanted to be loved, seen, remembered. The memories, stay present briefly, until time destroys another treasured memory. As my eyes blacken – my eyes grow with tiredness, I remain in a bubble, looking outside… waiting for my turn to live life – Aging in the mix.

My Significant Other.

As the distance lengthens my love for you builds – rises – as the clock reaches the next hour – you’re always on my mind, the memories build – they level, they’re growing in emotional-strength, locking place within my life. my heart ascends and begins to plummet – I consider this distance. As the heart fluctuates, the time we’ve shared move my organ, in height. When it’s low, i feel sick, when it’s rising, the euphoria flows, happiness surrounds my mind, my heart, and my life….

Thoughts & Emotions

My mind drift’s – treasured memories, ulterior-motives, hope. Circling beneath the skull, ascending in a spiral of enjoyment, graduating in levels; Descending in depth. The mind, over-thinking, digging too deep – Riding the wave of thoughts. The wave’s hit my boat dangerously hard. Almost tipping the boat over. I “climb” to the next wave – the sea eases, feels calming; a wave creeps, and tosses the boat within the air – the boat’s drastic changes make the water feel – emotional… The boat drops onto the water – it somehow stayed afloat….
The thoughts begin turning more quickly, enjoyably… A vortex of emotions “grabs” my vessel – the thoughts take a turn – Feels like I’m steaming out the ear’s, heightening to ridiculous levels – The vortex reflects the stormy-water…. The circling strengthen the boat; for a brief moment water is flying from the vessel, and my boat remains at the centre of this amazing storm.
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The Devil that plays the Guitar of an Angel

Coasting the clear sea, I take-out my binoculars. as i’m looking thru – there’s a lovely song playing, with a guitar – Within the scope i notice a lovely woman playing this, the clock turns and eventually i get to the island, tie my boat, there’s a rope that’s been lit with a light – i think to myself strange, as i continue along the island, the music gets more aggressive; and lovely – The sky turns a dark colour, as begin to walk the island the music influences my body. I begin gravitating to the music, it’s vibrations so meaningful, pleasant, unique. My body shifts left-to-right, i begin to feel euphoric, the music is alike a drug. It separates my soul from my body – her character. My body peels from my bright soul – The music takes ahold more, i can feel the vibrations so deep within, my spirit quickly shoots towards the instrument, i feel the control take affect, my spirit shakes, I can feel my body die… I can feel the scratching of the strings on the piece. I begin seeing 360 degrees, just then my soul gets captured within the red guitar…

Leaving a Loved One (eventually)

Imaginary distance keeps us apart; feeling so genuine – You’re running thru my mind; never getting anywhere, my hearts being pulled along; the length remains; but you’ve managed to further the separateness – My senses notice you’re ‘round – I hope my heart will forget – You’ve mentally travelled far-and-wide, climbed to the vastness of the peak of my emotional wellness and hindered everything i once projected, the picture was love; i feel defeat.