In the night, i see, not what i want to,

But what society unravelled.

Black lamps; casting ghostly lights towards the black pavement – hauntingly miserable, strategic. Programmed bots driving to their artificial family, with the image of a horror film, surrounding in a futuristic setting, a jail of freedom. As the cage restiction is promised, the mind lessens, due to entrapment; the box becoming smaller and smaller, eventually blood pours from within the brain, and the brain stops thinking, it haults at a red light, asking to stay, and a light so they can beep towards their next purchase.


The candle, that frost grew onto

Seeing hurt in the eyes;

withering of the soul.

A once proud fire… The flame shinned within blackness. the wax poured,

melting onto the mothers grip.

The mother held it proudly.

the candle fizzled. The man’s once full candle of soulfulness. became frostbitten after the candle descended. Until the frost made the spirit crack, Walking with torn pieces of a soul, looking for hope, help, but only seeing death in the eyes, of those who i’ve grown to love.

Angelic wires

A golden heart pumps, the tears no-longer form on her face… a heart that functions like a prism; taking the negative energy, strengthening it, shooting a rainbow to everyone else. While the sun shines in her mind, the moon never present. Glowing for those around, As the knowledge stacks, angelic dust pipes from her ears. As the heart pumps, tiny angel’s surround, pulling the wiring, so that it shall function more effeciently. As the wires get pulled, as the angel’s are never tiresome, the gold retracts and expands, fluctuating, to the beat of uniqueness. The angel’s climb the staircase of the heart, shooting light’s from every portion, ontop, Street light’s. that go through her body. Furthering the well-being of anything….

Lovely woman

Sometimes the player, doesnt want to play. But roll over, and feel love. As the heart is given, please dont return it… sometimes, love is… something to be truthful rather than a mixture of words/feelings tied in a pink beaker of lies sitting below; as the lies, you and i, react on the surface theyre combining wrongly. the two chemicals that should react perfect – are you and i – without lies that stir, the chemical creation of one love, a joint substance, but the lies will seperate, the substance… it’ll become unstable, and flow, destruction will leave the glass.

The Rose that Knew no-limits.

As the rose tells me of the struggles it faced, yet succeeded.

The rain dripping, the wind challenging; as she blow’s in the wind,

Her root’s, her family of flowers. never cease development;

always amounting to success, strength. She appears the strongest,

Her root system, strengthens those from “beneath”. and the pedals one day, will reach the heavens.

As a well guided team, under the commandment of the “largest” head of the rose; within the traditional themed garden.

Bringing the less strong up, with nutrition. They’re bringing the ground with the team. Nothing gets left behind. As the ground lift’s,

It spirals with the rooting system attached. The angel’s shine the sun, to lift, the mass of soil.

The ground, shall never be without its beauty. They need one-another, the humbleness of the “grounding”

needs the beauty of the rose garden – they’re as a separate society, within the mass of society.

The Movie of the Beautiful Eyes

The diamond of the eye sparkles. The sparkles tell a story, of survival, hope…

i watch the show… only to discover, the projection of sparkles, are of a “red” light; transferring to white under-the-surface; The white lighting is of an illusion, what stands below are the fires of hell, lighting a false sense of hope.

As her mind manipulates the fiery lighting i’m in awe; of the angelic eyes i’m witnessing, within my mind, i know it can not continue, it mustn’t, but for now… i’m enjoying the film.

The stem rises from the heart, flowery beats became present. Pumping as magical-love. From the woman who planted beauty long ago. As stars surround, as the magic flows, It’ll be a great year; chasing the woman, that casted a spell towards. that rose flower’s from the metal. As the metal started to crack, the sides fell… the heart beats, more vigorous. As the flowers rose, her feet lightly touched upon the top. As her soul walked upon, the stars sparkled, a red spell surrounds, strengthening every portion of myself.

as the universe ripples, two ladies separate from one. The cloud’s pour rain, the sky blackens. I see the shift’s in linear time, constant time. Time begins, expanding, fluctuating, the outside clock turns back and forth, the hands fall to the ground. As the ladies separate, thunder strikes her being, godly. Time begins excelling, my heart pumping. One lady comes forward the other turns her face away, a tear sheds – It was never her. I walk forward, my steps begin moving around, in a shifting way. My heart stops pumping, yet blood flows. I look towards, in awe, while i walk to either my death, or a dream.

the sun transforms in the sky, until a metal moon becomes present – The bottom lift’s, the sides wrap, the top downwards, wrapping in a metal, gift, by hydraulics – the sun is within. The moon begins projecting many lighting source, originating from the sun, through slits. The moon shakes, releasing the stars, from the sun – Metal-brightness shoots from the centre, brightening the mechanical-naturistic sky. As the creeking is heard, the stars project white lighting. the other planets within the solar system, are a projection of the sun. The different slits produce light that glow’s down to the computerized earth, and create a projection of different world.