The True Ruler.

there were sheep, wolves, pigs, and velvet ropes. The instructor, was often smiling with a large and antagonizing smile. He reeked of gin and an odour, that triggered the nostrils to cease to breath, he smelt of success, and achievement. His ego was large. His muscles tiny. he began to stumble – over the time… Continue reading The True Ruler.

The Butterfly.

The flower’s bloom outside, as we sit and socialize, the minutes turn to hours… the weather shifts to anew, like our complicated relationship…it’s ever-changing, and very enjoyable – within a forest, i look around, and begin to protect myself from those around. i embrace her being, her whit, her unusual personality, she’s began to fly,… Continue reading The Butterfly.

Running Into Feelings.

Why’s she running from me, why’s she so distant, cold? i can’t comprehend what goes through her mind, she gives signals like a radio station, high, lows. supreme feelings, but lack of effort. i admitted long ago I’m in-love. but perhaps she’s using me, I’m within a show and she’s the star, i’m a co-star… Continue reading Running Into Feelings.


Enemies turn friends… those who i called snakes and wolves… those who attacked and belittled me, are now on my side, fighting the battles of life with me, raising to further their vibrations. id like them to do well, conqoure their fears and make their dreams come true… they stabbed me in the back, they… Continue reading Friendemies.

The Illusion of Thoughts.

Everyday feels warmer and brighter… each day feels anew, different, it keeps getting better than the previous day, that’s all that really matters, i tell myself. the difference creates a game-like-feel, it definitely frightens me, to be within the game of life, or possibly outside. it doesn’t change the feeling that these days are preparing… Continue reading The Illusion of Thoughts.