Self-improvement, happiness.

When I walk through the store, the eyes gravitate towards me, i can feel the atmosphere and it’s cold and bitter. Everyone’s out for themselves…. they look as if they’re wolf’s taking the meat of another’s, eating the steak bloody and rare.  for this reason, I look rather aggressive, and hardened… the torment, aged a once happy face, an innocent sweet smile turned to a frown… i stay behind a barrier of what the world had done to me, because it feels familiar and keeps me safe… My eyes are sunken in and the rings around dark, my hair’s neat, my clothes a well-washed, my hands are soft, but my heart’s cold for society. They’ve stricken me of my final shirt, the shirt that kept me warm through-out the winter months…. I don’t feel pity for myself because i’ve learned to understand that people were a product of their days, rather than something they’ve purposely done. They weren’t meaning to take my final shirt, they couldn’t have known. I feel sympathetic for them, rather than angry, because they’re a product of their environment and i’m no longer one. Growing up was a difficult experience for me, but it satisfied my once clean soul, and left it with a delightful colouring, of my now excellent personality… the one that’s been humbled and calculated by my mind…  The one that’s forever developing, uniquely and efficiently. I feel the lights of the heavens around my body, I feel their divine energy contributing to what i’ve grown to love, and that’s self-improvement.


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