As shes gripping me,

Sweet fingers turn to spiders,

Warm laughter turns to pain,

And trust deformed,


As she wonders in the garden,

The flowers sink,

And whats left is soil,

As the figment of flowery heaven,

Once stood,

The delusion ever so in her mind,

She waters the flowers,

She fertilizes,

Her utopia.


My glass mind,


Then depleted in fog,

The thoughts splat on the glass,

Particles of flowers,

Flow in around,

The leaf’s, stems etc,

Build up,

The flowery woman begins,

To walk,

The grass comes apart,

And create her legs,

She walks,

Lights shine towards her,

Theyre ran on the brain,

The mid portion to the front,

Is shown thru the glass,

As this theatre,

Is built thru the lady of dreams,

She lives as her thoughts run circle,

Around her little head,

My pulses construct her thoughts,

To double energy,

A chemical reaction is drawn,

Each thought is of her and i,

Blooming as an end reaction.

My perfect soul.

She the perfect match;

Im not heightening a white flag.

To blow in the breeze of our past, waring love.

invisible bombs dropping in our heads as thoughts,

Tankful actions to betray me…

May the land minds of our words,

Self destruct, may the tank lose course,

May the spiralling bombs around us, to cease.

The end of our war, belongs to future loves.

May they be more understanding, less prideful.

May the war cease, the flag to hover whilst blue jay’s pass nearby;

May the sun set whilst you’re smiling in-front of him.

May your smile stay bold and flawless,

You deserve to be content, i do know.

I love you…

To lose your massive pride,

Would mean to me, that I’m worth it too, am i?

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Layer-by-layer. one shed’s away; And i die a little more everyday. I wonder the dead hill’s, isolation as far as i can see. Tree’s withering… the land of yellow, “flowers”, their pedal’s takenth, one-by-one;

The pond of blue-flame. let my body revitalize the tarnished land, let the trees grow once more; i do not have a desination – the soul shall spiral down below, happiness will flow on this desolate land.

The lightening spread’s throughout the sky, the thunder shakes my “blackened heart”.

Sociopathic angel

a painted face of happiness; looking beneath the surface, there’s much more to see –

The white orb gravitating ontop the home, as i run towards, it quickens in speed,

My heart, aches with lost hope as the spirit vanishes before my eyes

The breeze strengthening; the snow spiraling to the ground’s heating until it drips away…. as the last beat ceases in the chest where the heart once lay; once pumping with a harpful tune; a sociopathic angel sheds his last tear in the abyss.

heat shatters the heart – the ego soar’s, only for now. As i climb into bed, the thoughts shatter, spiraling downwards – negative glass shards poured down. The rainy ego, pour’s wettening the glass, creating slipperiness that the mind can’t pull up with positivity.


You walk from me, now what?

Nobody will love you like i will, they won’t drown theirselves in substances, to mask their pain; while you destroy them daily, for the sake of love. Few are this twisted, to think that’s romantic. As you pretend you don’t love me. Know what you have… panic of a rollercoaster for month’s, is becoming… too much… the romance is starting to die.


The smoke lessens – the heart beating with strength; the heart ticks more quickly, the clock on the heart, moves forward by 5 minutes, after an exhale; The hand’s begin to decompress, hanging loosely as the smoke exhales; as you inhale, it begins working again. picking up the euphoric slack within the mind becoming blessed. The heart pumps, smoke begins releasing in the chest, giving peace to the soul. as the soul grasps the smokey treasure, it takes it, and quickens the brain, Adds to the beauty of the shadowy soul. As black roses originate, they’re thorns of cigarette butts, the pedals of tobacco leaf’s. the soul vibrates quickly and strongly, and another inhale is made.


We’re attached by the mind by a “circular tube”. As my small shadow enters your mind, your light flows in, muliplying; it enters the veins and begins pumping quickly throughout. Spirtual beings, exchanging their energies, while, the heavens speak of our commitment?

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